About Our Mission

About Us – Plus100Years:

For over a decade, Plus100years has been a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, providing valuable information and support to healthcare professionals, individuals, and every health seeker.

Our Story:

A decade ago, a collective of individuals launched www.plus100years.com with a dream of providing health services in every possible. Our team is driven by a shared passion for health, nutrition, fitness, inspiration, and spirituality.

We all encountered similar challenges in accessing healthcare professionals for our families and sought more valuable advice online. Unsatisfied with what was available, we embarked on our journey to create this amazing platform resulting in you with a one-stop solution for all your health needs.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to leverage technology and data-driven insights to deliver holistic healthcare services, including preventive care, telemedicine, fitness programs, and medical consultations. We aim to improve the health outcomes of our users and contribute towards a world where everyone can age with vitality and grace.

It is our primary mission to deliver valuable, authenticated, and useful information to users in the realms of health, spirituality, and motivation.

Service For Health Experts :

www.plus100years.com's other core service is Doctors, dietitians, and physiotherapists can list their clinic services to reach more users easily online, we are offering excellent packages to them at very low cost. They can save their valuable amount and time same time improve their leads 

Our Values:

Our utmost focus is on meeting the needs and expectations of our users. We strive to offer what they require in a clear and accessible manner. Furthermore, we do not impose any charges for accessing articles or booking appointments with doctors.

To empower individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives by providing personalized, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare solutions through our Plus100Years platform.

We strive to empower individuals with knowledge and promote a deeper understanding of health and wellness.

Our Squad:

Plus100years is more than just a healthcare platform; it's a hub for fostering positive lifestyle changes and creating a supportive environment for all users. All this is possible only because of our tremendous team as listed below:

  • Founder & CEO: E.Pavan Kumar - His skills as a Writer, Analyst, and Digital Marketer
  • Co-founder: Vishnu Vardhan
  • Chief Mentor: Madhur Bajaj
  • Analyst & Digital Head: T. Sankeerthi
  • Analyst and Writer: Ashritha
  • Dietitian & Writer: Hetal Mehta
  • Dietitian & Writer: Trupthi Mohit Vyas
  • Analyst: Chandra Shekar
  • Technical Head: Sarvesh Verma
  • Technical Head: Kshitij Pandey
  • And many others are associated with this platform

Our Core Services:

We provide affordable online visibility solutions for healthcare and wellness professionals, showcasing the expertise of doctors, dietitians, and physiotherapists through engaging content.

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