3 days satvik food menu

Updated: 22-01-2024

In Ayurvedic and yogic literature, a sattvic diet or Saatvik diet is a diet based on foods containing quality (guna) sattva.

A Saatvik diet is meant to include "pure, basic, safe, vital, energy-containing, healthy, aware, real, truthful, wise" foods and eating habits. Most importantly, a Saatvik diet may also reflect Ahimsa, the practice of nonviolence, or not harming any living beings, which is one reason yogis also adopt a vegetarian diet.

A Saatvik diet is a diet that focuses on seasonal food, dairy products if the cow is fed and milked under the right conditions, seeds, nuts, oils, ripe vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and non-meat-dependent proteins.

In Western literature, a Saatvik diet is often called a yogic diet. The term mentioned in ancient and medieval Yoga literature is Mitahara which means "moderation in feeding."

3 days satvik food menu

3 Health Benefits Of Saatvik Food 

The Saatvik diet is rich in foods high in nutrients and poor in refined foods. It can offer many health benefits, for these reasons.

1. Promotes nutrient-rich whole foods:

The Sattvic diet is focused on the consumption of balanced whole foods including vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts.

Eating all these nutrient-dense foods will help promote good health by supplying the body with proteins, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are important to maintaining proper body function. 


2. Could reduce the risk of chronic illnesses: 

The risks of being diagnosed with chronic illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, and other cancers are generally observed to be low with the Saatvik diet.


3. Satvik food for weight loss: 

The Saatvik diet is high in plant and fiber foods, which can aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that people who follow vegetarian dietary habits usually have lower indexes of body mass and less body fat than non-vegetarians.

People also can show interest in this 1200-calorie diet plan in North India for weight loss because People who decide to lose weight quickly quit due to diet plans

3 days satvik food menu

Sample 3 Day Saatvik Menu

A balanced Saatvik diet should include many foods, beans, and whole grains. High-quality dairy should be eaten in moderation according to most reports. Here is a 3-day Saatvik diet-approved menu;

Day one:

  • Breakfast: Sprout quinoa porridge with almond milk, fruit, flax seeds, and coconut not sweetened
  • Lunch: Vegetable and chickpea bowl with tahini dressing
  • Dinner: mung bean, tofu, and stewed wild rice

Day two:

  • Breakfast: Yogurt served with fruit, walnuts, and cinnamon
  • Lunch: Fresh vegetable salad topped with tofu, lentils, and cheese or paneer
  • Dinner: chickpea and coconut curry with vegetables

Day three:

  • Breakfast: stewed peaches with oatmeal and cashew butter
  • Lunch: quinoa topped with sweet potato salad, bean sprouts, and kale
  • Dinner: mango rice with coconut milk and chickpeas

The Takeaway

The Sattvic diet is a vegetarian diet based on Ayurvedic principles, and popular among enthusiasts for yoga. All who follow a Sattvic dietary pattern should avoid rajasic or tamasic foods such as meat, milk, refined sugar, spicy foods, and fried foods.

3 days satvik food menu

Even if the Sattvic diet contains many nutritious foods and can give some health benefits, it is extremely restrictive and not based on science. Alternatively, it might be safer for certain purposes to adopt a less restrictive, plant-centric diet.


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