cancer facts


Nowadays cancer is a major killing deadly disease in every part of the world. To overcome this epidemic one must change their lifestyle because in our daily life we are dealing with many cancer-related Products and eating organic foods, here we know what we don't do to overcome this Health issue.

1. Don't take Tea in Plastic Cups

2. Don't eat anything hot in a plastic bag

Ex: Packed foods

3. Don't heat foodstuffs in a microwave using a normal plastic material

Remember: When plastic comes into contact with heat, it produces chemicals that may cause 52 types of cancer.

4. Don't use these Chemicals because these are cancer causes.

Glyphosate, diazinon, Malathion, tetrachlorvinphos, Parathion, Monocrotophos and many more.

5. Don't use carcinogenic based Products.

beauty products

Ex: Talcum powder, Foundation makeup kits, Home Cleaning Products

6. Don't use mobile phones for normal entertainment purposes.

7. Don't consume chemical based foods 


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