home made beauty tips for different skin types

Everyone loves to look beautiful! For such a beauty few opt for expensive Cosmetics and few go for overpriced plastic surgeries. However, these ways won’t work or might work temporarily.

Thus, rather than taking a chance of a surgery which might go wrong, there are ample tips and techniques that you can use in order to keep yourself looking & feeling beautiful.

Natural homemade beauty Tips based on your skin type:

The following are the beauty tips based on your skin Type:

For oily, dull & combination skin:

Massage skin with iced yogurt & sprinkle some sugar. Now scrub orange halves gently till the granules melt. Later wash your face with iced water.

For tired, dull & dry skin:

Massage with papaya and then prepare a scrub by mixing oats & honey with a little cold milk. Scrub this mixture, and then wash off with ice cold milk & water and pat dry.

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Tired eyes:

Take iced spring water and add rose water and honey drops in it. Then immerse one eye into it, by closing and opening eyes. Later, splash the eyes with cold water.

homemade beauty Tips based on your skin type

Dealing with under eye bags and dark circles

Take chamomile tea bags, which are already used & store them in the freezer. Then grate half a cucumber & massage around eye & then lie down with tea bags on eyes for at least 10 minutes. You will find an instant difference.

Diet plan to look beautiful        

Besides, the above-mentioned tips, diet also plays a vital role in looking beautiful.

  • Drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water every day
  • Add carbohydrates in the diet
  • Include fresh fruits and Vegetables in the diet
  • Avoid the intake of highly processed food
  • Include Spices such as Haldi/Turmeric in the diet for perfect skin

Further, items such as Avocado, walnuts, Tomatoes, Pomegranate, Olive oil and so on improve the skin texture.

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