Many use goggles or glasses for protection, vision care, or even for glamour and fashion. If you are a regular user of glasses, you must have certainly come across the branding of optic companies promoting eyeglasses having an anti-glare coating.

The main purpose of using anti-glare glasses is to eliminate the light reflections that fall on the eyeglass lenses from front and back surface. Anti-glare glasses are also known as anti-reflective glasses.


Uses of Anti-glare Glasses

Anti-glare glasses offer several benefits to an individual. Some of them are:

  • It gives sharper vision, especially while driving at night.
  • The anti-reflective coating is highly effective when it is applied on the sunglasses as it helps to eliminate the glare of sunlight's reflection from the eyes.
  • Most of the anti-glare coatings come with a hydrophobic surface layer that prevents the water spots formation making it easier for you to clean the glasses.
  • Several anti-glare glasses come with a special surface layer-oleo phobic that repels the oils from the skin successfully and protect the lenses from being smudged.
  • Using anti-glare glasses while working on the computer reduces the strain on the eyes considerably.

Ready-to-wear blue light glasses and anti-glare glasses are easily available in the market. However, if you have a special requirement for example anti-glare coating for bifocal and progressive lenses then you can get them done from your expert optician on prescription. So, with all these wonderful benefits there is no doubt that the next time you will be buying glasses, you will definitely choose one with an anti-glare coating.

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