1200 calorie diet north indian for weight loss

In recent times, the obesity problem is observed in a lot of Indians. The reason behind the huge weight gain is their unhealthy lifestyle which means high-calorie eating habits and fewer activities.

Just sweating in the gym every day is not enough to lose weight, you should also take care of what you eat and when you eat.

The blend of Effective and Top Exercises for Weightloss,
 and the perfect diet preferred by dietitians is a 1200-calorie diet plan in north India an ideal way to lose loads of weight safely without any side effects.


Diet Plan For  Weight Loss 

People who decide to lose weight quickly quit due to diet plans. The reason is their taste buds. Most of them, don’t feel interested in engaging themselves with tasteless and boring diet charts.

However, if an individual gets a precise diet plan for weight loss as per their taste, then it would be easy and motivating for them to curb the weight. Here, you could learn the North Indian diet plan for weight loss which aids in providing the best natural way to lose weight 

Why 1200 Calorie Diet Plan In North India?

To lose weight, one has to work hard, which yields fruitful results later. However, before that individuals should have a strong metabolism as it is a basic need for digesting food properly.

Now, coming to the diet plan, according to the expert dietitians, usually a normal person needs 1200-1800 calories each day.

If the calorie intake is reduced then that hints the brain holds back the metabolism, which results, in the body conserving more fat & abstracting energy from muscles.

Thus, it is required to intake a 1200-calorie North Indian diet plan for weight loss.

Why North Indian Diet Plan Is Required?

Mostly North Indian diet includes non-vegetarian items and high-fat content food, which includes thick tasty gravies, parathas, rich curries, cottage cheese, tandoors & spices. However, several people residing in north India are vegetarian, thus a vegetarian diet plan is introduced to lose weight easily and swiftly.

It’s a known fact that we Indians are food lovers and it is difficult for us to compromise with the favourite food. Usually, north Indian food items include rich calorie items such as Aloo paratha, butter, curd, chicken & other oily foods. Thus, a special North Indian diet plan is required so that individuals can eat what they love.

Is a Diet Plan Essential To Losing Weight?

A common query buzzing in an ample number of people is, is a diet plan vital to losing weight? Is it possible to curb weight without following a diet plan? Here, there exist two alternatives:

If an individual is taking weight loss supplements but he or she is not compromising about food habits, then it is not possible to lose weight. In this case, without a diet plan, one cannot lose weight.

In the other case, if individuals are on a diet and have few meals the whole day, then it makes them weak and lessens their energy.

One has to remember that, striving with hunger is not the proper solution to lose weight. Thus, the intake of an appropriate diet plan is necessary, to lose weight. A proper diet plan not only reduces weight but also gives a lot of energy.

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Why Only a 1200-Calorie North Indian Diet?

By following the 1200-calorie diet Plan for weight loss, one can lose weight and keep it under control without sacrificing the favorite foods, and without going to the gym. Though the 1200-calorie diet plan is mostly recommended and healthy, it is not suitable for people having an active lifestyle as they need more calories for proper body functioning. 

North Indian diet plan

Below is the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan for weight loss

Meal Time

Menu Item


Early morning

Add lemon juice to one glass of lukewarm water



Have a cup of Tea or coffee without sugar and two marine biscuits



Have a paratha and a cup of curd



One fruit



One small bowl of rice with one small bowl of urad dal i.e.100gm & boiled chicken (100g)



A glass of lassi without any sugar



Two Roti’s along with 1 bowl of mixed vegetables



Total Calories


Foods To Be Avoided When On A 1200-Calorie North Indian Diet?

The following are the foods that have to be avoided:

  • Desserts and sweets
  • Red meat
  • Sugary aerated drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Cheese, butter & ghee
  • Oily & fried snacks
  • White flour, white rice, pasta, white bread
  • Tea & coffee with milk and sugar

Further, one can consume foods such as fresh fruits, Green tea, and herbal tea, unpolished brown rice, Multigrain flakes, green leafy vegetables & whole grains rather than soda and junk foods.

One of the effective teas recommended by dietitians is Green Tea, you need clarity about green tea for How Green Tea Help in Weight Loss. Know the Facts

1200 calorie north indian diet || 1200 calorie north indian diet

Benefits of a Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Following a diet plan for weight loss helps in many terms.

  • You start eating limited based on your chart
  • Calories grow in a proper manner
  • You start eating healthy food & stay fit.
  • A diet plan doesn’t include oil, thus you will be prevented from many diseases.

A 1200-calorie diet plan North Indian diet for weight loss is the right choice to see yourself or your loved ones fit and remain healthy. type your queries in the comment section to get advice from our dietitians or consult our dietitian online to get a personalized diet plan.


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