What Is Orgasm How To Get Orgasm

Are you one of those many women who do not know what is orgasm? It might sound funny to a few that even grown-up girls are unaware of the feeling of orgasm. They keep on trying all types of sexual moves and positions. But they still cannot find how to get an orgasm.

So what is orgasm? It is an intense sexual pleasure that you feel during sexual activity. In the adult world, people sometimes call it climaxing or coming. Surprisingly, both women and men feel orgasm. But men achieve orgasm much more quickly and easily than women.

What is orgasm?

Well, the experience goes from heightened intense feeling to just a feeling of sensation. Certainly, it depends a lot on an individual, the mood, and the timing. But even then, here is some insight on exactly how to get an orgasm.

When you have an orgasm, your heart starts beating faster. Simultaneously, you start breathing quicker and heavier.

Especially in women, the sexual tension gives an intense, pleasurable release followed by contractions in the muscles around the genitals. You would be surprised to know that a woman can have an orgasm multiple times during one intercourse.

Usually, you experience orgasms one after the other if the stimulation continues. Ejaculation during orgasm is also a common thing in some women when the sexual excitement is intense. This is the exact befitting answer to what is orgasm.

How To Get Orgasm?

If you are frustrated for not getting an orgasm, here are some facts that will help you achieve it sooner.
It is very common to feel pleasure during vaginal penile intercourse. It will, however. take a bit of learning, exploring, and trying to reach the level of ecstasy called orgasm.


Know about orgasm 

Knowing about your anatomy will help you in getting the right answer to how to get an orgasm. The ultimate orgasm occurs when your clitoris receives stimulation. The clitoris is a highly sensitive area with lots of nerve endings ending here.

Just as lots of nerve tips end inside the penis of a man, similarly, many nerve endings exist near the clitoris. 

On the other hand, the vaginal walls contain very few nerve endings. Hence, when the penis rubs these walls, they do not give you as much pleasure.
It is a challenge to find the exact position of the clitoris at the end of the vagina. Rubbing here ensures maximum pleasure and orgasm.


5 Tips To Achieve Orgasm

Here are a few tips that will help you experience what is orgasm.

1. Rubbing And Caressing

The best method to experience orgasm is to ask your partner to caress, touch, and rub your clitoris with fingers during sex, even before intercourse and after it. A woman needs to guide a man so that his finger reaches the right spot.

2. Try Foreplay

Foreplay moves like licking, kissing, or rubbing initially for some time also enhance the chances of getting an orgasm quickly. Oral sex though not clinically advised can be tried a few times to ensure a quicker orgasm.

3. Use Gel To Reduce Friction

Adding a few drops of lube can help reduce friction and help you know what is orgasm. It is always better when the area is a bit moist.

4. Trying Various Sex Positions

You can try various positions to achieve orgasm. More often, a position with a woman on the top has more chances of stimulating the clitoris. So occasionally, you can try it out apart from the missionary position. To improve our stamina on bed we follow 7 important techniques.

5. Try Sex Toys

If you want to experience orgasm alone or even with your partner, try using sex toys or vibrators. Stimulating the clitoris with the toys before having intercourse stimulates the clitoris ensuring a proper orgasm.

So you can implement all these ways to know what is orgasm and experience it. But for this, you must first tell your partner your needs and become ready to explore your body. Confidence is one thing that plays a very important role in ensuring that you achieve orgasm.

So make sure that you are ready to talk this out with your partner, and try out the various steps to experience what is orgasm.

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