Podiatrist in Singapore


Feet supports your body and overall health. Neglecting pain, discomfort, or balance issues with them can prove costly.

Whether there is a problem in this lower limb due to a medical condition or daily use, feet demand special care and attention. Otherwise, your quality of life will be significantly affected.

Daily chores will be challenging to carry out. Life in a busy city like Singapore, where people walk, move, and run a lot, will become problematic.

Do you have any discomfort there? Please seek podiatry help. Podiatry concerns feet, ankles, and other parts of the lower limbs.

The experts are called podiatrists. They specialize in orthotics, biomechanics, and sports injuries. You can visit them for corns, ingrown toenails, bunions, and other foot conditions.

For detailed information, visit https://feetfirstpodiatry.com.sg. Before this, here is a small peek into why you need these specialists for your feet' health.

Common feet problems

Most Singaporeans suffer from foot pain and other problems due to modern lifestyles, fashionable footwear, and sports injuries.

For example, consider issues like bunions, a type of foot deformity caused by tight footwear that modifies the structure of the foot and toes.

A podiatrist will check your feet to determine the intensity of the problem and recommend a proper recovery treatment.

Other common risks to which feet are exposed include sprains, fractures, and strains. These can adversely impact feet and ankles, reducing their functioning.

A podiatrist can investigate the area to understand the extent of the injury and provide a better solution for its recovery and repair.

Even some people develop calluses and corns in their soles, which impair their normal walking and cause tremendous pain.

However, the foot specialist can work on the built­-up skin and recommend well-fitting shoes and other accessories for protection. 

Ingrown nails are another foot problem that affects your daily life by causing swelling, inflammation, and pain at the site. Without proper care, it can escalate as the fluid and pus accumulates on the wound.

Podiatrists inform that ingrown nails can be caused by toenail trauma, trimming toenails to short lengths or in an angular manner, wearing tight-fitting shoes, etc.

You can get rid of the irritation and pain by taking guidance from a podiatrist. The doctor can suggest antibiotics and painkillers. Some patients may also need minor surgery to remove the risk of infection.

Why do you depend on a podiatrist for your feet' health?

Podiatrists can prevent, examine, treat, and rehabilitate any abnormality in the lower extremities to restore foot and leg function, avoiding all the complications and the risk of compromising mobility.

In Singapore, podiatry is considered an allied health service provided by private and public clinics and hospitals. When you visit a podiatrist in Singapore, they mostly use non-invasive methods to solve foot problems.

Since even a minor discomfort in this part of your body can interfere with your balance and mobility, you should trust only the best care provider.

There are many podiatrist clinics in Singapore. You can focus on specialists with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field during your research.

Check where they worked and in what types of healthcare facilities. Someone with work experience in a foreign country can be even better because of their widespread exposure.  

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