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Video now occupies a dominant position in marketing and is being adopted on a large scale in the healthcare sector as well. This is because online video consumption has become easy with improvements in technology.

Cisco estimated that by 2022, video content would account for 82% of the global internet traffic. This is why your healthcare organization needs to formulate a digital marketing strategy using healthcare videos. 

Keep scrolling to find out why you should use video for marketing, the kinds of videos you can make, and some useful tips for your marketing strategy!

8 Benefits of Video Marketing for Healthcare

Healthcare videos have gained popularity on social media platforms since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and have proven to bring success to brands in the medical sector. Here are some advantages of including video in your healthcare marketing strategy:

1. Build Trust

Medical videos provide patients with easy-to-understand and accessible information about medical conditions and procedures. They also provide reliable information to aspiring medical practitioners seeking resources for their courses.

Well-researched and quality video content will offer value to the audience and build trust in you and your brand. 

2. Create Awareness about Your Brand and Services

Healthcare marketing videos work exceptionally well to inform potential patients of the kind of services you offer and establish your brand as one with values. This helps your audience identify your brand and relate it to your services when needed.

3. Attract Potential Patients

Medical videos like patient testimonial videos and facility tours can be beneficial in showcasing the services offered by your organization and provide an assurance of reliability. Patient testimonial videos are also an invaluable tool for building trust among potential patients. 

4. Establish Your Authority

Informative video content that is well-researched and accurate and also offers value to the audience will build your brand's authority among viewers.

Senior and experienced practitioners can make videos sharing their vast knowledge and establish themselves as experts in the field. Furthermore, with a well-rounded strategy, you can ensure that your content appears at the top of search engine results. This will also serve to improve your website's authority. 

5. Return on Investment

Video content is one of the best-performing content types and is, therefore, able to provide results in terms of attracting and engaging the audience. Video production requires a small investment but can be instrumental in creating brand awareness and realizing the return on your investment.

6. Spread Public Awareness and Education

Medical awareness videos inform viewers about prevalent diseases and common medical conditions and also provide tips on preventive measures that can be adopted to prevent these illnesses.

Such videos will also create goodwill toward your organization. These videos can also be beneficial within the organization to instruct medical staff about safety measures they must follow, either in relation to a specific contagious disease like COVID-19 or in general. 

7. Community Engagement

Videos are more captivating than other forms of content and are easily accessible to users of social media platforms on their mobile devices. With the help of an online video editor, you can edit and produce high-quality video content that looks more appealing, and viewers will engage easily with your video content. Always use a high-quality video editor 

With features like live videos, webinars, polls, Q&As, and comments, you can use video as a tool to engage with the community. This will add value to them as well as help you gain more followers.

8. Cost-Effective Marketing

Videos are easy to produce, edit, and distribute on numerous social media platforms. All you need to record a short video is a good smartphone camera. Compared to other marketing methods like paid television advertisements or billboards, video marketing proves to be cost-saving yet highly effective.

Types of Healthcare Videos to include in your Marketing Strategy

Healthcare videos include content about medicines, medical conditions, healthcare, or medical professionals. They range from informative videos explaining the signs and symptoms of a disease to informal vlogs showcasing the daily life of a person working in the healthcare industry. 

It can get confusing to determine what kind of videos you need to use to ensure the content reaches more people. Given below are 8 types of videos that you can include in your healthcare marketing strategy to make sure it reaches a broad audience and improve the conversion rate in the long run-

1. How-to Videos

How-to videos or demonstrative videos can be very entertaining and engaging. You can show how specific medical equipment can be used, provide recipes for healthy and nutritional dishes or impart training in basic first-aid and medical care. 

These videos will make learning an exciting experience for the viewers. You can conduct such sessions live through webinars or on social media platforms. You can take care of the video editing part on your own, or you can consider taking help from a professional editor to help you create and edit engaging and informative healthcare content. Image Source

2. Explainer Videos

Medical explainer videos generally provide information to the viewer on topics like signs and symptoms of a disease, its treatment, the medical procedures involved, and the prognosis. 

The video can demonstrate, with graphic illustrations, how a particular surgery is performed or how a drug and its various components work in the body to fight disease. Such videos and illustrations can be made on easy video editor software- you can edit these on your own without any hassle.

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3. Educational Videos

Educational videos are generally meant for aspirants of the medical profession or medical students. These videos can provide instruction on course subjects, demonstrate with examples and animation the complex biological and chemical reactions taking place in the body, and make complex concepts easy to understand. Since these videos are informative in nature, it helps you connect with your customers more engagingly.

You can make animations on an online video editor and add headings and subtitles to make the subject matter more understandable. Educational videos can also relate to information about pursuing a medical degree and available career prospects

4. Videos about Healthcare Professionals

You can make videos about the experts in your company, showcasing their knowledge and expertise. These videos are an indispensable marketing tool as they familiarise patients with the medical staff, and knowing their qualifications and experience builds trust. This means that potential patients will feel comfortable approaching them with any medical concerns that may arise.

Tips for Making an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Here are some best practices to incorporate while making your healthcare marketing videos:

  • Keep the video short and easy to understand. In the era of Reels and TikToks, viewers have short attention spans. Ensure that such short-form videos, along with longer ones that are 5 to 10 minutes long, are both a part of your marketing strategy.
  • Create quality and engaging video content. It is important to captivate your target audience with the video so that they stick around to watch it completely and are compelled to know more about you and your organization.
  • Make the videos informative. Healthcare videos can have an entertaining or light-hearted tone to them to make concepts easy to understand. Nevertheless, you must understand that your viewers are watching the video to gain new information and learn something important. Ensure that the content you convey to them is well-researched and accurate.
  • It is important to use a neutral tone in healthcare videos. The information you convey must be clear to the viewer. You should also remember that the viewer may be scared or apprehend a serious medical issue. Therefore, it is important to be reassuring, calm, and compassionate in your videos.
  • Invest in adequate quality equipment for recording and editing your videos. In addition to your smartphone camera, you will need a microphone and some lighting equipment. A video with a clear image and audio is crucial.
  • Add closed captions or subtitles to your videos. People often watch videos without turning the volume up, and subtitles ensure they can watch your content and understand it even on mute. It will also let hearing-impaired persons enjoy your content.
  • Use a variety of social media platforms to upload and promote your content.

Wrapping Up

There are endless possibilities for creating entertaining and informative healthcare video marketing content. With research and planning, you will find that video marketing is advantageous.

Healthcare videos also value society by providing essential medical information and creating awareness. With the tips mentioned above, you can create awareness among potential patients about your organization, build trust, and establish reliability.


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