side effects of shampoo


Our Beauty depends upon our skin and hair, Hope you tried many oils and shampoos for your Hair. Since ancient times very effective early shampoo was made by boiling Sapindus. and amla. still, these are popular in India for Hair washing and hair care purposes.

In the modern world, many shapoos introduced into the world are mostly prepared with the chemical. we would like to know if chemical-based shampoos are harmful to our health.

From here we get a clear idea about the side effects of shampoo on hair 

Whether a shampoo is good or harmful for your hair depends a lot on the way you use it and how frequently you use it. Here are some of the reasons that can make using shampoo harmful or even beneficial for your hair.

How Frequently Do You Shampoo?

Americans shampoo almost every alternate day whereas Europeans clean their hair with shampoo at least twice or thrice a week.  It is a general misconception that shampoo cleans the hair. But the fact is that a shampoo cleans your scalp and the roots.

According to experts, shampooing every day is unnecessary and can be harmful as the chemicals in shampoos also clean the oils produced by the scalp. It can lead to dry hair vulnerable to split ends and breakage. In people with curly hair, this dryness causes excess frizz.

side effects of chemical based shampoo


So when you use the shampoo once or twice a week it is beneficial. Excess use of shampoo is harmful to hair.

Side Effects Of Shampoo On Hair 

The type or brand of shampoo you use also plays a key role in ensuring whether your hair is damaged or protected. Shampoos containing harmful chemicals like phthalates under the disguised title of fragrance, preservatives like parabens, and foaming and lather-generating agents like sulfates can be harmful.            

Parabens, more importantly, have been found to penetrate the skin and interfere with hormone function. Using organic and natural shampoo products can cut down all such harmful effects.

Types of Shampoo 

  1. Clarifying shampoo
  2. Keratin shampoo
  3. Dandruff shampoo
  4. Chelating shampoo
  5. Organic Natural Shampoo
  6. Herbal shampoo

and many other types of shampoos are available in the market.

When To Use Shampoo?

Experts advise that people with fine and straight tresses should shampoo once a day as the oil travels faster on straight hair. Also having an oily scalp you need to shampoo quite frequently or even days depending upon the surrounding weather conditions that also stimulate oil secretion.  

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People with dry hair must wash their hair once or twice a week. If you schedule your hair washing as per the type of your hair and scalp, the effect will be less harmful.


Which Shampoo We Use?

Shampoo is prepared with 100 % natural ingredients only we use. Shampoo prepared with Rith(Reetha, Kunkudu kaya) , hibiscus, almonds, aloe vera, coconut milk etc.

Conclusion: The side effects of shampoo on hair depend on adding ingredients in the shampoo, Nowadays in the market, we are getting natural shampoos, organic shampoos, and chemical-based shampoos. As a user, we need awareness of shampoos and their brands.


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